• Jonas Kalan, Level 2 Human Wizard (Good)
  • Throm Stormhammer, Level 2 Dwarf Fighter (Unaligned)
  • Sill Wayanor, Level 2 Half-Elf Cleric (Unaligned)
  • Melek, Level 2 Tiefling Rogue (Unaligned)
  • Saturnia Eytha, Level 1 Tiefling Warlock (Unaligned)
  • Garnwyn Ab-Cydwel Ul-Cormyr, Level 1 Dragonborn Paladin (Lawful Good)
  • Caelan, Level 1 Halfling Rogue (Unaligned) – LEFT THE PARTY


The campaign takes place in the fantastic world of Faerun, in a small bay along the Sword Coast, somewhere south of Daggerford, approximately halfway between Waterdeep and Baldur’s Gate. The bay is called Silver Bay, and the largest city in the area is called Silverport. The main economy of the area is, unsurprisingly, the mining of silver. Silverport is located at the northwestern part of the bay. All over the bay, strategically placed, are coastal villages whose sole purpose is to mine silver from plentiful underground mines and transfer it to Silverport so that it could further be distributed among other large cities in the area (mainly Daggerford and Waterdeep). All was going well for the residents of Silver Bay until about 10 years ago, when all of a sudden silver started simply vanishing at a disturbing pace, much quicker than anyone could reasonably accomplish, even taking into account the high rate of corruption in Silverport.

Now, almost all of the silver has disappeared, and the economy of the area has all but crumbled to pieces. The coastal villages slowly degenerated, many falling prey to goblin or orc raids. Silverport still remained in (mostly) one piece, but the inhabitants grew poorer and started taking up other professions – it became a melting pot not unlike any other large port. One coastal village that did survive is Holar, probably because of its proximity to Silverport. Pirates regularly plunder what little remains of the silver mines and the ships that carry silver, and piracy is the most hated crime in the region, being considered worse than even rape or murder. It’s punishable with death by hanging, often without a fair trial (or any trial at all). A lot of “witch hunts” were conducted and even innocent and honest merchants fell prey to the zealous citizens.

To this day, no one knows where and why is the silver gone, and to what purpose.

But why is the silver gone?